Stepping Up to the Mic

When I first moved to Cloverdale, I had the good fortune to almost immediately hook up with a local writing group that was just starting – The Night Writers. We met monthly to share our work and offer peer critique for nearly five years. After about a year, we decided we should take the leap […]


I love it when seemingly random elements in my life dovetail into a perfect moment of synchronicity. One of those happened this week. Part A: I have a beginner’s fascination with tarot. I really know nothing about it, but I keep having chance tarot encounters. I’ve had friends draw tarot cards for me at times […]

Word Hunger

The other night, discussing some random news item with my wife, I said, “It’s a profligate use of resources.” She said, “A what?” I said, “Profligate. Excessive. Wasteful. Extravagant.” She said, “Why didn’t you just say so?” I said, “Because that took three words, instead of one.” She said, “Yes, but ordinary people don’t talk […]